The closing event of project CY-OPS was organized in Hague, hosted by Europol at the World Forum Convention Center and attended by approximately 40 participants from various EU Member States and EU institutions. This was meant to contribute to the European added value of the project, by disseminating its results in a wide and relevant community of professionals, as well as to assess the outcome of the project and brainstorm on measures for ensuring its sustainability.

Discussions within the closing meeting with experts from Europol, Eurojust, European Commission, prosecutors and law enforcement agents from Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, UK, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, US, Cyprus, Poland and Czech Republic tackled ways to build a basis for future developments in this area.

The event served as an opportunity to disseminate and also to gather feedback on the main deliverables of the project: the training curricula, the Guideline on Undercover Online Operations and the Round Table discussions on the topic of challenges to international cooperation in undercover online operations. The opinions gathered during the event, together with the results from the round tables, have been used to create a report provided to the European Commission describing the most important challenges in terms of legal frameworks, access to online data, use of specific tools and qualified human resources, as well as best practices and policy recommendations.