CJS Workshop – Firearms trafficking through the darknet is the first from a series of events organized under the framework of the CJS Cybersecurity Hub that aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas between professionals in the areas of justice and security with regards to the nexus between traditional criminal activity and the crimes perpetrated through the use of online environments. The initiative also aims to bring together public and private institutions active in this field in an effort to create an environment of regular and proactive cooperation and consultation.

The Workshop brought together specialists from law enforcement, intelligence and judicial institutions, with expertise in the area of firearms trafficking investigation and the illegal trade of firearms on the internet/darknet, as well as IT&C specialists from the private sector, with the purpose of sharing information and identifying challenges and opportunities in the field.

The event was hosted by the European Commission Representation in Romania.

The workshop was organized with the support of Bitdefender and the European Commission Representation in Romania.