The project aimed at fighting cybercrime through improved capability and knowledge of online undercover operations among investigators, examiners, as well as prosecutors involved in the investigation of cybercrime cases and other law enforcement agents, in order to enhance the successful prosecution of cybercriminals and effective prevention.

Through a series of six trainings and five round tables dedicated to the exchange of experience and best practices in the field, the project also aimed at preparing all these actors in various EU member states to cooperate effectively and to develop a common law enforcement culture through developing a coherent, recognized and high quality information package in a highly specialized area.

The trainings and round tables included approx. 150 beneficiaries from over 15 EU Member States. The training programme tackled issues pertaining to undercover investigations, touching upon advanced cybercrime awareness, advanced knowledge of legal and jurisdiction issues, processing of digital evidence while maintaining the chain of evidence, advanced open source investigation, social networks investigation and advanced network forensics. The results of the discussions in the 5 round tables were captured in a report which underlined the challenges of these type of operations, best practices and policy recommendations identified during the discussions.

The project also seeked to bring European added value by delivering a Guideline on Undercover Online Operations as a follow-up to the round table discussions and the trainings and distributing it through Europol channels to all Member States. 

The Guideline was presented in a closing event at the World Forum in Hague, to an audience formed by officials from Europol, European Commission and investigators and prosecutors from several EU Member States.


February 2017 – July 2018


Project CY-OPS has received funding from DG Migration and Home Affairs – European Commission (INTERNAL SECURITY FUND POLICE 2014-2020).

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