CJS is an independent non-profit organization focused on research, capacity building and international cooperation in the areas of security and criminal justice. Our aim is to facilitate informed dialogue and debate, as well as international cooperation and exchange of experience within the community of professionals in the areas of Justice and Security in Europe and beyond, acting as an interface between independent experts, public institutions, policy makers and the general public.

Our work is focused on:

Carrying out projects in partnership with public institutions, universities and private organizations, with the purpose of developing research and strengthening capacities in the areas of justice and security;

Conducting research and drafting studies, analysis and information materials in the areas mentioned or related areas;

Providing trainings for professionals in the areas mentioned or related areas;

Organizing mobility and exchange programs with national and international scientific institutions;

Developing reviews and advocacy tools to influence national and European policies in the areas mentioned and related fields;

Promoting and developing educational activities and transfer of knowledge through conferences, seminars, round tables, information and awareness raising campaigns.